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Smokeless Cigarettes Overview

Electronic Cigarette Benefits: Smoking Trends of Tomorrow

Electronic cigarette benefits continue to receive high acclaims and reviews from smokers that have smoked the conventional standard cigarette for numerous years. E-cigarette benefits are the result of unique engineering in the implementation of a product designed to remove harmful side effects, including “second hand smoke”, a by-product from smoking traditional cigarettes. With increased public awareness to present health conditions, electronic cigarette benefits continue to attract attention of present day smokers, seeking alternative means in the retention of smoking satisfaction without jeopardizing individual health. E-cigarette benefits presently lead the way to new smoking trends of tomorrow. Heres a short video outlining the main benefits of e cigarettes.

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Positive Electronic Cigarette Benefits

E-cigarette benefits offer the smoker positive advantages in achieving complete smoking satisfaction with substantial reduced risks. The elimination of tar found in conventional cigarettes, a major health issue with links to lung cancer and emphysema, is one of the many positive electronic cigarette benefits that have gained National media recognition. E-cigarette benefits have also resulted in the reduction of obtrusive, lingering smoking odor, which permeates the fiber of cloth in clothing, furniture and automobile interiors, due to the “smokeless” technology of the electronic cigarette. Positive electronic cigarette benefits are discovered daily, complementing the already growing list of E-cigarettes benefits.

Health Issues

Present day smokers are well aware of the risks that are involved with daily tobacco usage resulting in possible future health issues. Although electronic cigarette benefits make no representation to improve present health issues, nor should any such claims of E-cigarette benefits be interrupted as an answer to health issues linked to smoking of conventional, traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette benefits offer improved overall health with reduction of harmful toxins that are omitted from smoking traditional cigarettes. Backed by years of extensive research, E-cigarette benefits produce a more active lifestyle, restoring vigor, vitality and stamina with increased lung and heart function, plagued by years of tar build-up from the use of conventional cigarettes. Present day electronic cigarettes benefits and improvement of overall individual health issues with the use of electronic cigarettes continue to attract positive attention to a product that has been scrutinized on a repetitive basis.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers

With any new and recently introduced product, there are numerous manufacturers that recognize benefits to the consumer. Since the initial introduction of the electronic cigarette, numerous manufactures have begun production of the electronic cigarette, offering consumers various E-cigarette benefits and features not found on the initial product. From on and off flavor cartridges, limiting intake amount of nicotine per use, to improved function and styling, electronic cigarette benefits will continue to offer the consumer the best available product with E-cigarette benefits that cannot be denied or compared to smoking of conventional, standard cigarettes.

Smoking Trends of Tomorrow

Electronic cigarette benefits of today are a clear indication to smoking trends of tomorrow. To date, millions of smokers have switched from smoking conventional, standard cigarettes to the electronic cigarette based on E-cigarette benefits derived from daily use. Smoking trends are changing daily from smoking traditional cigarettes, to the “smokeless” electronic cigarette at record numbers. With electronic cigarette benefits reflecting new growth and development, smoking of standard, conventional cigarettes may become a distant memory of the past.

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E Cigarette FAQ

What is a flavor filled cartridge?

Flavor filled cartridges replaces the tobacco contents within the body of a conventional cigarette. Flavor filled cartridges are available in the following pre-determined, pre-selected strengths:

  • Full
  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • No Nicotine
  • Menthol

Depending on manufacturer, flavor filled cartridges are also available in many additional flavors including mint and other assorted popular selections. Cartridge flavors vary according to manufacturer and should be fully reviewed before selection.

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Are electronic cigarettes safe?

With years of extensive research and development, the electronic cigarette has proven to be safe and effective in the reduction of tar and offensive emissions of potentially harmful toxic agents, released from smoking conventional standard cigarettes, for others in close proximity to inhale.

How do I know if the electronic cigarette is right for me?

Individuals considering switching to electronic cigarettes from conventional standard cigarettes should consider all options and information available to complete smoking satisfaction and enjoyment before arriving at a final determination. Not all smokers of present brands of standard cigarettes will switch to the electronic cigarette for reasons unknown. Personal determination and interpretation, on the distinct advantages of the electronic cigarette far outweigh the negative consequences of smoking conventional, standard cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes expensive?

Electronic cigarettes can only be purchased online at various manufacturer sites at this time. With the cost of conventional standard cigarettes soaring to over $8.00 per pack and expected to continue to rise, electronic cigarettes are extremely affordable starting at approximately $2.50 per pack, saving thousands of dollars a year.

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How Do E Cigs Work?

The electronic cigarette works through a combination of several integral components. An ECIG is powered by a 1.5v rechargeable battery included in the electronic cigarette kit or package. In combination with an especially developed microprocessor and sensing unit, air flow produced by a smoker dragging on the filter or mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette, sends a battery powered signal to the microprocessor. The microprocessor, in turn heats up the flavor filled cartridge, releasing the contents of the cartridge each and every time the user of the electronic cigarette drags on the electronic cigarette filter.

Other Common ECigarette Questions and Concerns

Electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity based on increasing health concerns related to smoking conventional standard cigarettes. With the introduction of any new technology, regardless of product or service, a transition period is evident while consumers gather additional information before making informative decisions on switching to a new, recently introduced product, especially cigarettes. E-cigarette FAQ removes skepticism while optimism prevails in the elimination of confusion to the potential consumers, adding insight and clarity to the overall operation and safety of the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is the start of a never ending learning process that begins with knowledge and consistency.

What is the electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette resembles and operates identically as a standard, more conventional cigarette, without harmful omissions including “second hand smoke”. Electronic cigarettes offer the smoker of conventional cigarettes, a viable alternative to smoking without reduction of   smoking satisfaction or flavor.

how ecig works

How E Cigarette Works

How E-Cigarette Works: Internal Components Explained

In the mid to late 2000’s the electronic cigarette was introduced as an alternative means to smoking traditional standard cigarettes. With the introduction of any new product, there remains uncertainty about the effectiveness of the product and overall value, particularly with a substance that millions of consumers use on a daily basis; tobacco.

Presently, there are many depictions on how E-cigarette works, with many variations that can be interrupted positive or negative by the individual user.  How electronic cigarette works is designed on one basic principle; to provide smoking satisfaction with the reduction of tar and other possible side effects of smoking conventional standard cigarettes.

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Electronic Cigarette Battery

How electronic cigarette works relies heavily on the battery of the product selected. Electronic cigarette packages or kits come complete with a 1.5v rechargeable battery, the brains of how E-cigarette works. While some electronic cigarette batteries are lithium, holding charges for extended periods of time, other electronic cigarette batteries may require daily charging. Selection of electronic cigarette packages that contain lithium batteries is well worth the extra few dollars spent.


Electronic Circuit (Microprocessor)

The microprocessor is a “mini computer” within the body of the electronic cigarette. How electronic cigarette works is the function of the microprocessor which receives low voltage signals from the battery, starting a “chain reaction” to other integral parts of the electronic cigarette. The microprocessor in combination with the sensing unit, detects the flow of air, sending signals to other parts of the electronic cigarette. How E-cigarette works is dependent on the ability of the microprocessor to continually send signals to other components with lighting speed and accuracy.

Sensing Unit


As indicated, the sensing unit of the electronic cigarette works in conjunction with the microprocessor stating the initial process of how electronic cigarette works. The sensing unit heats the special metal wick of the stainless steel atomizer, releasing the contents of the flavor cartridge when the smoker drags on the filter of the electronic cigarette, continuing the process of how E-cigarette works.

Stainless Steel Atomizer

How E-cigarette works is also dependent on the stainless steel atomizer of the electronic cigarette. Producing a realistic smoke, similarly omitted upon exhaling of a standard cigarette, the stainless steel atomizer vaporizes the resembled smoke immediately when exhaled by the smoker of the electronic cigarette. The exhaled simulated smoke omitted from the electronic cigarette contains no harmful toxins, including “second hand smoke”, for others to inhale, a positive benefit on how electronic cigarette works.

Components of the electronic cigarette

The principle components of the electronic cigarette are similar in composition and design, regardless of the manufacturer. How E-cigarette works is often unclear to the consumer, leading to doubting questions on the effectiveness of the product in general. In general, how electronic cigarette works is based on the following components:



Electronic Circuit (Microprocessor)

Sensing Unit

Stainless Steel Atomizer Chamber

Flavor Cartridge

Mouth Piece (Filter)

All electronic cigarettes, regardless of the manufacturer, operate under the basic same principle, with exceptions and recent improvements made to the overall operation of how E-cigarette works. All components of the electronic cigarette are enclosed in a full, white body with identical visual resemblance to a full flavor, standard cigarette. When working in conjunction with each other, produces the effects of how E-cigarette works at incredible speed and precision.

Flavor Cartridges

Varying by manufacturer, flavor cartridges of the electronic cigarette are available in full, light, ultra light and “no nicotine”, the main component of how electronic cigarette works. Flavor cartridges are easily replaceable and may be ordered to match tobacco density of the conventional brand currently smoked. One flavor cartridge is equal to one or greater than, one pack of twenty (20) standard cigarettes.

Mouth Piece (Filter)

Resembling a traditionally looking cigarette filter, the mouth piece or filter of the electronic cigarette comes in many styles and colors per manufacturing policies. Serving no filtering qualities, the replaceable mouth piece or filter of the electronic cigarette is designed to accent the overall style and shape of the electronic cigarette with visual appearance to how e- cigarette works. With the recent introduction of a newly designed shaped and styled mouth piece or filter, the overall operation of how electronic cigarette works continues to gain popularity in many social gatherings.






Top most e cig trial offer brands

Though there are many e cig trail offer, which are available, but the one offered by the few top companies are the best. An e cig trail offer is launched by many electronic cigarette companies just to promote their products and to attract more and more customers to increase sales.
Electronic cigarette companies offer best and excellent product and brand knowledge with the main product and different forms of accessories. One of the most common offering given by the electronic cigarette companies are their starter kits offer. They are an excellent way to review the product before buying it.

Top most e cig trail offer brands

• Smoke star e cigs: The e cig trail offer given by the company cost you only $5, which is only for shipping, and delivery charges. This trail offer, which is being promoted by the company, is called as exclusive starter kit offer and is very popular among people.
• No Flame e cig trail offer: No Flame e cig trail offer lets you experience the electronic cigarette in a unique way. The company always believes in designing new and innovative products for its esteemed customers.
• V2 Cigs: V2 cigs is one of the top rated electronic cigarette brands in existence and offers the best and excellent starter kits over the internet. The e-liquid also called as e-juice offered by the V2 cigs electronic cigarette company is available in wide variety of flavors such as fruits flavor or chocolate flavor.
Apart from various e cig trails offers many electronic cigarette companies also offers host of other things such as charging devices which includes car and wall-mount charger both, various flavored cartridges with portable charging cases.
This e cig trail offer is always designed to cater to different types of customers need such as portability, reliability and durability factors. To order such kind of e cig trail offers all you have to do is to check company’s website and read the reviews, which are posted by different customers about their products so that you can select the best product for yourself.
E cig trail offers are perfect and ideal way to test the products of the electronic cigarette companies and you can post your reviews over the company’s website. Another one of the most important point is to mention your complete address while ordering your favorite e cig starter kit along with zip code for smooth delivery of the product.


Advantages of Using Electric Cigarettes

The novelty of the electric cigarettes rests in the fact that they are not harmful for the smokers. The concept of e-cigarettes is simply based on the principle of vaporisation. A fluid based on propylene glycol is mixed with nicotine and filled in cartridges that are pre attached with an atomiser. These atomisers work with a power source battery that vaporises the fluid when a person blows the e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are recommended for people who are trying to quit smoking but are unable to. This is harmless way of smoking as it does not have the ill effects of the usual smoking of tobacco.

vapor couture e cigarettes

ecigs like vapor couture are expanding into niche areas like ecigs aimed at a female clientelle

The electric cigarette was firstly manufactured in China after the pharmacist Hon Lik created this e-cigarette in the year 2003. The electric cigarettes were approved by the international patent in the year 2007. However, the manufacturing had begun way before the approval.

Benefits of Electric Cigarettes
The very first benefit to count on is there is no actual tobacco in electric cigarettes so there is no intake of tobacco. Other benefits of e-cigarettes include,
The smoke produced while smoking an e-cigarette is only vapours of the liquid present in it. It vanishes soon in the thin air and does not have any offensive smell; hence this makes the e-cigarettes socially acceptable. Also the smoke does not pollute the air.
Since the smoke has no smell or the pungent odour it does not harm or affect the non smokers around. Indirectly the ill effect for passive smokers is completely eradicated.
Another good aspect of electric cigarettes is it is less costly than the traditional cigarettes. The traditional cigarettes might cost $5 per pack but the e-cigarettes refill will cost just about $2.
The e-cigarettes are run by batteries or an external power source which means there is no flame at all. The only thing that lights up is a small light during smoking which is cent per cent harmless.
Even lighters or matches are not required along with this e-cigarette
Since there is no fumes associated with this a smoker can smoke anywhere, as there is no odour it doesn’t disturb the pleasant environment, be it office or metro or any other public place.


  • The only residue left after smoking a e-cigarette is during the replacement of cartridges unlike the traditional smoking hazard of ash trays smoke and debris left all over.
  • Also the smell from hair and clothes is gone and one can feel fresh among the crowd even after smoking.
  • The cartridges used are not taxable like the traditional tobacco based cigarettes.
  • The cost of taking medicines to quit smoking is also subsidised with the electric cigarettes.
  • Unlike traditional cigarette packets and lighter the e-cigarettes do not occupy much space because they are just the size of a ball point pen
  • There are various brands available now in stores and the cost depends on the quality and the content in the electric cigarettes. Though the electric cigarettes are harmless it is yet to be officially proved by the research team.